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Camera Company That Let Hackers Spy On Naked Customers Ordered By FTC To Get Its Security Act Together - TRENDnet Settles with FTC

As new technology hardware and software products are launched - and pretty much most things from cars to cheese may end up with a data component - we need to build privacy into the product as a critical feature.

webcam spying

According to the FTC's complaint, TRENDnet's SecurView cameras were marketed for purposes ranging from home security to baby monitoring with the promise that they were "secure," but the cameras had faulty software that left them open to online viewing and in some cases listening by anyone with the cameras' Internet address.

The complaint alleges that, at least from April 2010 onwards, TRENDnet failed to use reasonable security to design and test its software, and user login credentials were transmitted in clear text over the Internet. As a result, hackers were able to post links to the live feeds of almost 700 cameras, which showed babies sleeping in their cribs, children playing, and adults going about their lives.

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