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3 Steps to Build Your Own Social Economy: The Secret to Weathering Any Economic Storm - Forbes

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How giving helped an entrepreneur thrive during the recession.

Great model. It's very "Give and Take":

Here’s my strategy in a nutshell: I spend a great deal of my time connecting with other people who own businesses, and helping them in any way I can.

That’s it.

Do this, and keep doing it, without any thought, expectation, or demand of getting anything specific in return.

You will soon find yourself embedded in your own vibrant, living social ecology of business owners, who are all looking out for each other and who all have each other’s backs.

The more you help and give, the more you build an incredible community of businesspeople who are grateful to have you in their life (a “tribe,” as Seth Godin calls it.). And trust that, through this community—this personal “social economy” you’ve built for yourself—great business opportunity will flow your way.

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