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Wireless autonomous recharging is the next frontier for mobile devices. Context driven concierge services is the next frontier for the apps.

tesla wireless electricity

tesla wireless electricity

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Have you seen this?

She's creating a wireless way to charge devices.

An Inventor Wants One Less Wire to Worry About - - PandaWhale

I think that if the phone can become actively working device, which proactively looks for opportunities to serve the owner in the environment, it would open up a lot of possibilities.

Mobile payments should work without me pulling my phone. The phone should identify itself and pay automatically as long as I click agree on the counter payment station.

I should be notified about relevant promotions in the store. Ideally the phone should warn me about the purchases, which exceeded my budget. The phone should use the right credit card to get the most rewards.

To be the proactive device, the phone needs to be charged continuously and autonomously off the omnipresent airwaves. 

Ah, so a technology like the one she's working on is necessary to keep our proactive devices ever-charged.

I must admit, wireless charging of batteries is an inherently appealing concept.

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