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Obama Asks The Hill To Bomb Syria, As Explained By "The Hills"

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I never watched this show but the gifs definitely add to the simplistic retelling.

You pretty much got the entirety of the show through these gifs.

Im not like mad at you. It just like made me sad. gif The Hills Lauren Conrad

hes a sucky person gif The Hills

sometimes doing nothing is just as bad gif Lauren Conrad The Hills

people waste so much time being angry at people gif The Hills

Heidi Montag gif do you just not think about anyone but yourself

Heidi Montag gif how dare you disrespect me like that

that bitch gif Lauren Conrad The Hills

Did you watch this show? These clips -- they are like little savants.

I did, and they are!

the hills gif sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better

dont fight other peoples battles gif The Hills

The Hills girls excited gif

seriously Im done gif The Hills

Lauren Conrad eye roll The Hills gif

Is there a gif for every occasion?!

Very much so!

heidi montag gif the thought of love right now makes me want to throw up THE HILLS

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