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Facebook's acquisition of Instagram was bad for Jessica Burciaga

There's too many square bears on instagram don't think I can hang for much longer 😏
11:35 AM Jun 27 2012

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Referring to the fact that Instagram/Facebook kicked her off for posting photos which were too risqué, though her photos had been considered acceptable up until the acquisition.

To put this in context, here is a fairly typical Instagram photo for Jessica Burciaga:


On May 12 Jessica tweeted: "Awww man I think instagram deleted me lmaoo, maybe Theodore was too sexy for them" (referring to her dog Theodore -- some kind of puffy lapdog).

Then on June 12 she tweeted: "When instagram deleted a picture of me and  @sarahstage having margaritas I knew they were getting strict lol, no one is safe."

That same day she also tweeted: "ever since Facebook bought instagram they've been deleting ppl like crazy."

So several weeks ago she created a new Instragram account, but of course has been having exactly the same trouble again.

I wonder how long it will be until she (and others like her) start to leave Instagram en masse, and where they will go.

A "square bear"?! Who talks like that??

Why would Facebook delete Whales like @JessicaBurciaga ??

Because they'd rather she use twitpic?

Or they'd rather others post pictures with the #jessicaburciaga hashtag instead?

Or maybe Facebook just doesn't like her?

FYI: We call her a "Whale" because she has 150k Twitter followers.

And because she likes to be near the beach:



Courtnie Quinlan has also been tweeting about her problems with Mark Zuckerban.

Facebook banned me for this pic... ‪#NoComment‬


Sounds like sound business decision making. Everybody knows sex does not sell.

Also everybody knows that nobody ever starts an internet discussion or writes a newspaper article as a thinly veiled excuse to post scantily clad pictures. :)

UPDATE: 9:26 PM - 26 Jul 12

Tweet by @JessicaBurciaga: "My instagram got deleted AGAIN"

Update as of late September 2012: She's back on Instagram again.


And... she's back.

Check out the difference between Twitter and Instagram for the same image:

Jessica Burciaga Instagram sexy little black dress photo

Twitter users gave her 6 stars, whereas Instagram users gave her 4000 hearts.

4000 vs. 6. Instagram is 100 times as engaging as Twitter!

Mother of Hearts!

Jessica Burciaga Instagram bikini red hot sexy Twitter Tumblr Playboy babe

Jessica Burciaga hot bikini boobs instagram

People think from her Instagram that she's J-Lo:

Jessica Burciaga hot Instagram Photos - looks like J-Lo

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