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Tom Marvolo Riddle Anagrams

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So how did Tom Riddle come up with the spectacular supervillain name Lord Voldemort?

It was a long process of trial and error.

  • Lord Earldom Vomit
  • Motor Marvel Dildo
  • Immortal Love Rodd
  • Mild Doormat Lover
  • Dermal Drool Vomit
  • Vim Troll, Dad Romeo
  • Mr. Tom A. Dildolover
  • Rev. Tom "Dildo" Molar
  • Tom, Dildo-Ram Lover
  • Mr. T.O. Dildo Removal
  • Dildo-Mom, Art Lover






Perhaps Mr. Riddle could have made use of the Internet Anagram Server.

Making MARVOLO his middle name was such a cop-out.

It also makes him seem less evil since it's so contrived.

What is this, the da Vinci code?

You don't see Darth Vader faking it like this.

Now that would be a great battle! Darth Vader vs. Lord Voldemort.


Hmm... maybe not so great.

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