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How the Owners of All 32 NFL Teams Made Their Money

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Do you aspire to be an NFL owner? Here's how to get filthy rich enough to buy shares in a team.

Wow. The GOOD stories involve inheritance. The bad stories involve taking, taking, taking!

There is a LOT of Oil Money in the NFL.

Favorite taker? That would be telemarketing Redskins owner Dan Snyder:

How He Got Rich: Snyder started a marketing and advertising company with his sister. They specialized in doctors' offices and hospitals. According to a report in the Washingtonian, “When new mothers were sent home from the maternity ward, they were given goodie bags of creams and diapers—through Dan Snyder’s company.” This direct marketing proved successful and the business took off and started to branch out to include telemarketing and other methods. That call you got during dinner last night? Probably Dan Snyder.

Surprising that any of these geezers made their wealth through businesses providing services, as opposed to real estate plays, inheritance and taking, taking, taking of oil.

A lot more NBA owners made their wealth through providing business services.

Mark Cuban and Steve Ballmer both own NBA teams.

Paul Allen owns both an NBA team and an NFL team. 

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