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Lessons from Apple? « Diane Ravitch's blog

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I have nothing against the wealthy. I dont care that some people have more wordly goods than others. I understand that life's not fair. I just harbor this feeling that a person ought to be able to get by on $100 million or so and not keep piling up riches while so many others don't know how they will feed their children tonight. That doesn't feel like my America. I grew up right after World War 2 and I remember the sense of shared sacrifice. I remember what the American Dream meant. It meant a middle-class society where no one went to bed hungry at night, and everyone had a fair chance to live a good life if they got an education and worked hard and dealt fairly with otheRs.

It sometimes seems that we have forgotten thatI vision, that it's been replaced by the idea of everyone for himself and for himself only.


Interesting that she focuses on the $12-an-hour Apple retail store employees instead of the people in China who are building the products:

"What can we learn from Apple? Maybe you draw a different lesson, but I keep learning the same thing over and over again. Those who accumulate great wealth are not paying a fair share to those who generate that wealth. I am not a Marxist. I am not a socialist. I just think it is not fair to see so many people sinking in our economy while a tiny proportion of our population has money beyond measure."

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