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Life Finds a Way. ~Jeff Goldblum gif


Thank you EditingAndLayout for making this gif.

Life Finds a Way gif HD Uh Jeff Goldblum Jurassic Park EditingAndLayout Imgur

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well there it is gif Jeff Goldblum Imgur

oh jeff goldblum, you know we all have a little crush on you!

To which he would again say, "Well, there it is." :)

perfect. :)

Jeff Goldblum Laugh Remix:

hilarious. after about a minute i was starting to feel like that snarky laugh was insulting me too!!

Yeah, that remix is hard to take the right way. 

michelangelo adam god meme jurassic park jeff goldbum life finds a way Imgur

this image made me laugh out loud!  :)

I'm happy you liked it! :)

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