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I love you gif

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Brace yourselves. There are a lot of I love you gifs.

I love you gif Selena Gomez Tumblr

I love you gif heart Selena Gomez weheartit

And then there's...

Kurt Cobain I love you gif

Kurt Cobain once you fall in love it's different gif

dave grohl I love you gif

hello I love you gif Spongebob Imgur

Without the hello:

I love you gif

"We loved with a love that was more than love." ~Edgar Alan Poe

I love you I want you I need you I miss you gif

- aconteça o que acontecer, eu te amo.

theres only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you I LOVE YOU meme

I loved you from the very first day gif

Spongebob I love you gif

1D I love you gif Harry Styles

I love you gif Justin Bieber weheartit tumblr Imgur

I love you gif Justin Bieber weheartit SWAG YOLO tumblr Imgur

I have many more to add to this page later. Feel free to add some, too.

Indiana Jones I love you gif Imgur

I Love You gif Bridesmaids Kristen Wiig

I Love You gif Will Ferrell Elf

I love you gif Tim Gunn stunning Imgur

nicki minaj I love you gif tumblr weheartit Imgur

I love you gif Jonah Hill Imgur

Fez I Love You gif that 70s show

I love you man gif Waynes World Imgur

I Love You gif Robert Downey Jr RDJ

I Love You gif I heart U Robert Downey Jr RDJ

belle I love you gif beauty and the beast

I love you gif Nina Dobrev Vampire Diaries

I love you gif Miley Cyrus unicorn pegasus

I Love You gif Elizabeth Gilles Imgur

I love you gif math girl

I love you too gif Emma Stone

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