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▶ MUST WATCH- Synchronized Walking - YouTube

Source: YouTube Video

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This needs to be an Olympic sport. 

Spoofing should be an Olympic sport.

Flash mobs should be an Olympic sport.

Is it my imagination, or is it the more totalitarian and fascist the country, the larger the appetite for even bigger synchronization events...

...and I'm not suggesting Japan is in this league

The Japanese highly value uniformity and eschew individualistic behavior. In fact, going counter culture to this can be detrimental to your family's mental and financial well being.

The business men on a Tokyo metro subway all look the same: black suit, black shoes with a metalic clasp, black tie, white shirt, and fashionable bag. It's the mark of the middle class.

Yes, I understand and accept that Japan has a cultural appetite for uniformity and eschews individualistic or "show-off" behavior.  And that's also why I didn't put Japan in the above countries league of fascist-synchronized behaviors, which seem to be more top-down driven and ravenous displays of power.

Japan's uniformity seems more elegantly and effortlessly interwoven into daily life, both not needing nor requiring it's expression to be driven into such big public spectacles of synthetically synchronized togetherness. 

Just a speculative observation.

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