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Dexter Finale - "Remember the Monsters?"

Well, that ending was disappointing.

Seasons 1-4 were excellent. Seasons 5-8, you can skip.

Dexter finale Remember the Monsters Season 8 Imgur

Recaps, discussion, and analysis:


Devastated by Deb's death, Dexter decided not to join Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Harrison in Argentina. "I destroy everyone I love. I can't let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison," he reasoned. "I have to protect them—from me." He also broke our hearts into a million pieces when he called Harrison and said, "I just want to tell you one last time that I love you." He then rode his boat, Slice of Life, into the hurricane.

Cut to Hannah reading a story about the boat's crash and the death of the person driving it. But twist! Dexter didn't die, as the last scene focused on a lumberjack leaving work and heading to his secluded home, where he sat at a table and then just stared into the camera. Yes, this man is Dexter Morgan and yes, he faked his own death. But is he still killing? We guess we'll never know. Gah!

Tearjerker Moment

The flashback to the Morgan siblings sharing a moment right after Harrison was born absolutely gutted us, with Deb telling Dexter, "Ever since we were little. Don't you remember the monsters? Every time mom would turn off the lights, they'd be running all over the walls and I couldn't go to sleep 'cause I thought they were going to eat me or something. They were the shadows. You came in and explained in your dorky little voice. 'It's just the absence of light, Deb.' I don't even know why I remember that, but I do. And even then, you stayed in my room. You slept on my floor. You made me feel so f--kin' safe. You've always taken care of me. I know you're going to be a great father 'cause you've always been a great big brother." All the tears!

Deb telling Dexter to "go f--king be happy" in the hospital room was pretty gut-wrenching, too, especially after learning her fate.

Thanks, Dexter writers!

Dexter Series Finale Recap: Did Dexter Survive? Deb meme remember the monsters

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I repeat: Seasons 1-4 were crazy good and worth Netflixing.

Crazy Good meme Dexter Imgur

Good Guy Dexter writers make us not sad the show is over.

Good Guy Dexter Writers meme Imgur

When things really started to go downhill.

Lumen Dexter I have to go my planet needs me gif When things really started to go downhill Imgur

And season 8 was all.. STAHP.

Dexter STAHP meme WAT R U DOIN Remember the Monsters S8E11 Imgur

Or as the redditors on r/dexter like to say...

that is one big pile of shit meme Jeff Goldblum Imgur

So yeah, season 8 of Dexter ended up sucking.

Im so fuckin sick of having this conversation gif Deb Dexter Remember the Monsters Imgur

Maybe we should hug it out.

do you want a hug FUCK OFF gif Deb Dexter remember the monsters Imgur

Then again... A fucking blood clot ?!?!?

Deb a fucking blood clot meme Dexter Finale spoiler Remember the Monsters How she must have felt after reading the final script Imgur

And a lumberjack?!

Dexter finale meme lumberjack Flawless logic Imgur

Srsly, WTF?

Scumbag Dexter meme finale remember the monsters Imgur

Charlotte Rampling as Dr. Vogel was one of the few highlights of season 8.

Charlotte Rampling who plays Dr. Vogel in the 60s - Imgur

The Hannah / Dexter relationship was one of the few highlights of the late seasons.

Dexter Hannah shake weight Imgur

Then again, what is with the shake weight?!

A better ending would have been: IT WAS ALL A DREAM.

Dexter meme IT WAS ALL A DREAM Imgur

Dexter shrugs gif Imgur

good coffee gif Dexter deb Imgur

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