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It’s a long life in the small Valley by Michael Waxman

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You chastise a departing employee, or refuse to pay a contractor, or fire off an angry email, or get into a nasty feud with your co-founder, or worse. At the time it might feel pragmatic or cathartic, but it’s a horribly bad idea, because, in the language of Game Theory, the startup world is a repeated game. It’s never worth maximizing this round at the expense of all future rounds.

You’re going to have to face these people again. And statistically this isn’t going to be your last startup. Keep that in mind. 

There’s a relatively thick line between being resourceful and being a dick. Don’t cross it.


This guy, man, he built a pretty good team.

And one of the wonders of Pandawhale is that you can give props to the fine bits of genius found spattered across our landscape of bits. Great find, well features, and a choice Panda cross-reference-convo yields stash.

Barbara, thank you! My head is spinning.

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