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Sean Parker: Agent Of Disruption - Forbes

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This is what makes his portrayal in The Social Network so frustrating to Parker. Justin Timberlake’s Parker is a cruel, cocky opportunist who forces Eduardo Saverin out of the company and robs him of his shares. At Plaxo Parker had endured in real life what the fictional Saverin suffered in the film. “I don’t mind being depicted as a decadent partyer because I don’t think there’s anything morally wrong with that,” says Parker, quickly adding that the partying was exaggerated, too. “But I do mind being depicted as an unethical, mercenary operator, because I do think there is something wrong with that.”

The movie debuted last October to critical and commercial success. It cut Parker deep. “I was a mess at that point because the movie had hit, the depiction of me was so far from reality I was having a hard time psychologically dealing with it,” Parker says. “I was all bummed out, I had just broken up with my girlfriend of four years and I just had knee surgery, so I couldn’t walk.” Before the film’s release he had already been laid up in a suite at the Peninsula Hotel in L.A. for two months. He gained 30 pounds. He was also juggling his duties at Founders Fund, Spotify and startup Airtime.

It got to be too much. He took a break from Airtime, his knee healed and a mutual friend introduced him to his future fiancée, the 22-year-old Lenas, a singer-songwriter.


Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies.

Sean seems like a classic introvert; extremely talented and exceptional communicator, but recharges by being alone. I'd wager he's an ENTP, similar personality to Steven P, & #44 Barack O.

Isn't the E in ENTP for extrovert?

Yes; however my theory on introvert/extroversion from reading concludes that the Myers-Brigg assessment classifies how we interact with others, not ourselves.

From my insights, people who fall on the extrovert-introvert side of the continuum recharge by being with other people -- think, Bill Clinton. Introverts, to the contrary, recharge by being alone -- even though they may excel in public areas such as communicating and storytelling.

Both #44 and #42 are said to be masterful communicators and public speakers; however, one adores the spotlight and engaging with people in the public and private spotlight -- the other enjoys communicating, both in written and spoken word, but is intensely private and guarded with his thoughts.

So Sparker's an introvert who behaves like an extrovert.

Sounds like that could cause significant internal conflict between the public self and the true self.

He's probably very misunderstood.

When people are perceived as confident, successful etc it can be an expressway ticket to ridicule and mockery. I always feel kinda bummed when people judge me an extrovert cause I'm the total opposite... 

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