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Arya Stark Kill List - Valar Morghulis tee shirt - They Dead vine

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yes please

Wait, The Hound is one of the names?!

Found explanation of the list from S4E5:

Keith asks, “Who are the people on Arya’s bedtime hit list?”

Joffrey: Lunatic spawn from a dried puddle of a gene pool. Had Arya’s friend Mycah the butcher’s boy, as well as her entire family (as far as she knows), killed.

Cersei: Joff’s mother/aunt. Was standing stage left at Ned Stark’s execution.

Tywin: Lannister paterfamilias. Planned the Red Wedding.

Walder Frey: All-around dickbag. The Red Wedding took place in his dining room.

Meryn Trant: Knight of the Kingsguard, ruthless Lannister sycophant. Killed (HE IS DEAD; STOP THIS) Arya’s fencing coach, Syrio Forel. On Joffrey’s orders, slapped Sansa in the face and forced her to look at her father’s decapitated head.

The Red Woman (Melisandre): Had Arya’s friend and Baratheon bastard Gendry taken to Dragonstone so she could leech his kingly blood (using real leeches) and would have executed him, but for Ser Davos’s conscience.

Beric Dondarrion: Undead leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners. Sold Gendry to Melisandre.

Thoros of Myr: Beric Dondarrion’s infinite-lives cheat code.

Ilyn Pane: Tongueless royal executioner. Beheaded Ned Stark.

The Mountain: The hulking older brother of the Hound; a murderous rapist and Lannister minion. Tortured Gendry when Gendry and Arya were held in servitude at Harrenhal.

Emily asks, “With regards to Arya’s before-bedtime ‘hit list,’ what’s her beef with Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion? I thought the Brotherhood Without Borders were good guys?”

Good guys in relation to the Freys, Boltons, and Lannisters? Sure, I guess. They still sold an innocent boy to a witch who intended to drain him of his blood and eventually burn him alive. So it’s relative.

This looks closer to reality, and the Season 6 Finale gave us Arya killing Walder Frey's two boys (who had killed her mother and Robb's pregnant wife at The Red Wedding), and then slit Walder's throat while he was still reeling in shock over eating part of his dead sons.

Yes and seems like she will spend season 7 running around Westeros killing other people on her list. 

I thought Melisandre was on her list too? Seems like they're on a collision course. 

A girl has many names...

arya and the hound GIRL gif Imgur

arya and the hound gif

arya and the hound gif

arya stark valar mourghulis gif Imgur

Arya Stark direwolf Nymeria you've got to go they'll kill you for what you did to Joffrey game of thrones season 1 meme S1E2 [S04E05] 4 Seasons gone by and still waiting on this reunion. - Imgur

Reddit comments on Arya and Nymeria from S1E2:

If you recall the Hound kills Arya's friend the butcher's son, and Joffrey has Sansa's direwolf Lady killed because Nymeria runs away, which is how both the Hound and Joffrey end up on Arya's kill list.

Someone needs a hug.

Arya hugs Nymeria gif Imgur direwolf game of thrones s1e2

Every time Arya gets a kill:

Arya Stark he so dead meme vine gif Imgur

Actually, this came from Vine:

Arya Stark they dead vine gif Imgur red wedding meme


And you know what we say to the god of death.

Hodor deal with it gif Imgur

Dead. Like so dead. Like oh my god dead.

like so dead gif like OMG dead maisie williams vine imgur

Can't scratch the Hound off our list yet, from S4E5:

Arya stabs the Hound gif Imgur Poppin' Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy needle Game of Thrones S4E5 meme

Arya Stark and GRRM gif Imgur youre the worst shit meme

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