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You're never eating breakfast again. ~Walter White to Flynn

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Breakfasting Bad.

Argh, so sad this show is ending! Just like the look on Walt Jr's face...

Flynn Breakfast gif Walt Jr Breaking Bad Imgur

fuck this Im cooking meth meme Breaking Bad Walter White Imgur

youre completely out of your mind gif Flynn Walt Jr Breaking Bad Imgur

this is bullshit gif Flynn Walt Jr Breaking Bad

Flynn sad looking down gif Walter Junior Breaking Bad Imgur

smell like breakfast toast perfume

breaking bad breakfast flynn walt jr smiling

breakfast is served meme cat NOPE

how much breakfast is that meme Flynn Walt Jr Breaking Bad Imgur

Breaking Bad alternate ending: Walt slides card across table. 

"This is an IHOP gift card with $9,400,000 on it. It belongs to Walter Jr."

I'm Walt Jr., welcome to breakfast. Flynn Breaking Bad meme Imgur

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