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Shinzo Abe: Unleashing the Power of 'Womenomics' -

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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe articulating the need for higher workforce participation by women in Japan's economy.  Having worked there for 4 years when I was at Microsoft, I think this is an important goal and spot on.  It was notable how few women were working in professional roles.  This needed focus will in my mind undoubtedly improve the long-term economy of our largest and most important economic ally.  

Fascinating that while America is still trying to find work for many people, Japan has articulated that it doesn't have enough workers in supply:

More Americans to be employed in Japan soon? It could happen.

When we lived there, Aimee and I thought it always quite interesting that Japan's economy lacked the human capacity in its workforce, mainly due to the lack of working women.  And the policies at that time seemed to aim not at getting more women participating in the workforce, and those policies were also quite hesitant about opening the doors for immigration.  Instead, big investments were and continue to be made into robotics, which was seen as a way to make up the capacity gap.  While we all want robots, I think the Prime Minister's clear and concrete stance on helping improve Japan's economy, culture and fertility rates through making the workforce more attractive for women is a great step.  

I agree. I'm genuinely interested to see if those incentives actually change anything.

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