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Vince Gilligan middle finger meme

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Title of Series Finale: "Felina" : Fe Li Na (Blood, Meth, Tears)

Redditor explains:

Fe Li Na is a play on "Finale." Fe (Iron) Li (Lithium) and Na (Sodium) are all in fireworks. Fe, depending on how hot it burns, will produce different colors. Li makes red fireworks, and Na produces gold/yellow fireworks. Granted, fireworks can contain many more things, but I think they're trying to say that the finale will be a grand display, like fireworks.

Breaking Bad FeLiNa s05e16 fe li Na 516 meme Facebook cover Imgur

Breaking Bad Felina meme Fe Li Na Iron Lithium Sodium Blood Meth Tears

How Breaking Bad is going to end:

executive producer Vince Gilligan meme title card How Breaking Bad is going to end. - Imgur

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