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Which Job Skills Will Be Most Important In The Coming Years?

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Practical humility is making a comeback:

The smarter machines become the more it shapes how human beings have to change. We used to be rewarded for sheer brainpower — smarts — but now if the machine is smarter than you or sometimes smarter than you there’s a new scale, and that’s knowing when to defer. It’s about knowing when are you better and when is the machine better and, of course, increasingly, it’s often the machine. I think of humility as a virtue, a practical virtue that’s making a comeback.

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Curation, summarization, and synthesis will be increasingly important:

Paul Tough wrote this very interesting book about, basically, the returns to being tough. He’s a well-named author for that. Here’s a way to look at it: The more information that’s out there, the greater the returns to just being willing to sit down and apply yourself. Information isn’t what’s scarce; it’s the willingness to do something with it. So if you’re an individual, say from China or India, and you’re really smart and motivated, you’re going to do much better in this new world than say 10 or 20 years ago.

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