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Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark gif

Sophie Turner hot sexy Sansa Stark gif Imgur

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Arya Stark Gurl gif Imgur

Arya Stark eating gif Imgur

From the same interview:

sophie turner wear my onesie to work gif

Sophie Turner Tumblr:

Sophie Turner hot gif tumblr Sophie Turner smile gif tumblr

Sophie Turner hot gif weheartit Sophie Turner smile gif weheartit

Sophie Turner model gif tumblr Sophie Turner hot model gif NO YES tumblr

More Sophie Turner:

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

Sophie Turner has an Instagram, too:

sophie turner selfie instagram photo hot legs gif duckface meme

Note there is also an Australian model named Sophie Turner:

sophie turner hot ass legs heels

sophie turner hot miniskirt heels hollywood walk of stars

Sophie Turner hot Instagram Twitter Tumblr Courtney Stodden

Sophie Turner hot pink selfie booty boobs instagram

Sophie Turner selfie hot ass yoga pants Instagram

Sophie Turner hot lips boobs selfie Instagram Imgur

Compare with Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones:

sophie turner

sophie turner

sophie turner I HATE HER SHES SUCH A BITCH gif sophie turner IM SO PROTECTIVE gif

sophie turner HATERS GONNA HATE gif

sophie turner gif

sophie turner AURA KENZHI gif

sophie turner smile sansa stark gif

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