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Sherlock wrong wrong wrong gif


Thank you EditingAndLayout for making this gif.

wrong wrong wrong gif Sherlock s01e01 BBC mobile phones devices EditingAndLayout Imgur

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"Elementary, my dear Watson" never appears in any Sherlock Holmes stories.

It is not known for sure where the idiom came from:

Blazing Saddles wrong gif Imgur

dr cox wrong wrong wrong wrong gif Imgur Tumblr

Even bigger:

Sherlock WRONG gif Imgur

Thank you Butcher_Of_Hope for remaking this gif:

The rest of the ones on this page are also from B_O_H. Thank you!

yes thank you for your input gif Sherlock Imgur

say that again gif Sherlock Imgur

sherlock speechless gif benedict cumberbatch Imgur

sherlock there there gif Imgur

sherlock napkin gif benedict cumberbatch Imgur

sherlock gasp gif benedict cumberbatch Imgur

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