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City and County of San Francisco Open Data Portal

The Open Data Portal ( is is provided by the City and County of San Francisco to enhance open government, transparency, and accountability by improving access to data. The Open Data Portal is a one-stop destination for all approved City data that will help constituents make better use of information. This new ease of access will lead to innovation in how residents interact with government, resulting in social and economic benefits for the City.

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Any notable projects making use of this data yet?

this is how I discovered DataSF: 

restaurant health inspection

Mike Conover knows data. He’s a senior data scientist at LinkedIn, and has a Ph.D. in complex systems analysis. Conover is also a Mission District resident and self-described foodie.

He recently combined the two interests — data and food — by reviewing San Francisco restaurant’s health scores, which the city now makes available online. Conover then cross-referenced the scores with restaurant review data from Mechanical Turk, helping him determine what particular types of restaurants score better or worse than others.

I've often wondered why Yelp does not include health scores.

I am sure the sales team at Yelp would object to that one

Ha! True that.

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