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Badger and Skinny Pete as Pulp Fiction

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"The two deadliest hitmen this side of the Mississippi," according to Walter White. Ha!

Great point in the Reddit thread:

I love how Walter used his sharp wits and purported vileness to full effect in the finale. From harmlessly intimidating Gretchen and Elliott into giving his money to his children, in character as just what they had described him as, fooling them into believing that he was more dangerous than he was. And in another scene, he did the exact reverse opposite, begging Lydia and Todd for money and work, making them believe that he was much less dangerous than he was as he sealed both of their fates, making them believe that he didn't know exactly what their decision was going to be and had already planned to turn it into their own undoing.

With "lasers":

Breaking Bad Pulp Fiction meme Badger Skinny Pete lasers Imgur


I didnt die gif Badger Breaking Bad Imgur

Yay Badger Badger Badger!

Badger Badger Badger gif Breaking Bad Imgur

Skinny Pete playing keyboard on Conan:

Skinny Pete on Conan gif Breaking Bad Imgur

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