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Dan Patrick: Outtakes: Peyton Manning

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I've told this story before. You know that great advice he gave me about being in charge of the huddle? My freshman year in college, the pre-college football pep talk he gave me was, if you get in the huddle at any time this season, I don't care how old you are, you're the quarterback, you're the leader, you can take control -- I don't care if you're 18 years old. You've got to be a leader as a quarterback. So the first game of the season at UCLA, playing in the Rose Bowl -- Keith Jackson, Bob Griese -- I'm just looking forward to watching the game ... anyway, seventh play of the season, the star quarterback goes down, so they put in Todd Helton. Todd Helton is a baseball player who knows baseball is his future and he's not playing very well. They pull him, so all of a sudden Tom says, tell Peyton to come in.

And I don't think I'm nervous, but all the hair on my arms is just sticking straight up. So anyway, it's time for me to jog in. We're getting beat 21-0, I think, so the team's kind of down. Anyway, I'm jogging in and right then I remember old dad's pep talk. So I get in there and say: All right, guys, I know I'm just a freshman, but I can take you down the field right now and lead you to a touchdown. And I'm fired up. And this left tackle,  Jason Layman, grabs me by the shoulders and says, Peyton Freshman, shut the f--- up and call the f---ing play. No lie. I said, yes sir, and called the play -- and I didn't say another word the whole season.

You have to be unbelievably confident to be a professional quarterback.

maybe some of that confidence comes from being really good?  

For Peyton Manning, sure. But for many others, I'm not sure where their confidence comes from.

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