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Be a SUPER Connector.

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I'm a fan of James Altucher and his 9 Skills Needed to Be a Super-Connector. The money quote:

Connecting people who can benefit each other is the most useful skill you can have on the entrepreneurial ladder of skills. When you help others make money by connecting them together, the world forces itself into the Möbius strip of success that brings the money right back to you times ten. Some billionaires are great at it.

Here's a summary of James' 9 superconnector skills:

  1. Introduce two other connectors.

  2. Introduce two people with an idea in mind.

  3. Have a dinner of interesting people. Wednesdays, anyone?

  4. Follow up with excellence.

  5. Re-establish contact.

  6. Show up.

  7. Interview people.

  8. Produce something of value.

  9. Give feedback.

These all strike me as variations of a #fiveminutefavor ... which begs another post.

See also: You can make progress in anything with 50 coffee meetings.


Sean Murphy just suggested to me yesterday that I should be a connecter as an occupation, but I have a difficult time seeing how to actually make money at it. I like people and I like connecting people, but frankly I can not imagine how I could actually pay my bills this way. Trying to make a buck off helping people out makes me feel dirty.

Even Altucher's article states that Mark Cuban makes money as a Connector because he already has money and can put it to work with the people he Connects.

That is, the Connector model works to make money if you are an Investor or Incubator.

If you need to make money in the short-term, Connectors usually become Recruiters who charge for placing people, or Salespeople who make a commission on Sales.

As far as Connector-as-occupation, Connectors usually become Embassadors or Evangelists if they settle down with a single company.

Longer term, the relationships a Connector cultivates lead to interesting Business Development opportunities.

But I see your point. "Connector" isn't a job; it's an attitude.

Fascinating commentary. I've struggled with understanding this concept for quite some time. Need to do some directed reading on the subject ... will chase down your references.

Thanks, Tristan and Adam! I've always wondered which one I am - Connector, Maven, or Salesman - because everyone has elements of all three, and there's value created with each role.

Filippo, agreed! - this is way fascinating. Lol

I love this Adam- I think it is important to realise your own unique positon in connecting others and not just focus on geting yourself connected! I am a true believer in what goes around comes around and while I may not have a multitude of Silicon Valley contacts in my little black book (yet :)) I do have a number of fabulous contacts in other industries that may be valuable to many others. It comes down to looking at what you can do for others first. The rest will come :)

You have a great attitude, Louise.

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