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Rapid Ramen Microwave Cooker from Shark Tank

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Rapid Ramen Cooker is the easiest way to make stove top quality ramen noodles in the microwave.

Buy it the official website:

Cheaper on Amazon:

Shark Tank Success explains the back story:

Chris Johnson is the inventor and soon-to-be Shark Tank Star who came up with a better way to cook the #1 meal found in most dorm rooms -- Top Ramen.

While studying at the University of California Davis, Johnson realized he could cook Top Ramen in half the time using a microwave simply by changing the way the bowl was shaped. 

With experimenting and a lot of hard work, the Rapid Ramen Cooker was born

Johnson sold over 3000 units in the first 3 weeks and they have been flying off the shelves since. The Rapid Ramen Square Bowl seems to be for sale everywhere, including Walmart.

You can also buy the Rapid Ramen Online, but it helps to shop around. For instance, The Rapid Ramon is available on QVC for $17.16 or the same 2 pack on Amazon for $12.99 which could buy a lot more Top Ramen for future meals.


Here was Chris' video submission to Shark Tank:

Chris ended up getting a Shark Tank deal with Mark Cuban: $150k for 15% + $150k note.

Rapid Ramen Cooker Website 



Chris seems like a great entrepreneur.

"Making a deal with Mark Cuban is huge for me, 'cause I know to build wealth, it's all about proximity. You hang around four broke people, you'll be the fifth. You hang around even one billionaire, that proximity can impact your life."

Sounds like the principle of INCLUSION to me:

Weird Al Yankovic loves Top Ramen:

How to turn Ramen into Awesome Ramen:

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