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Red Panda vs Pumpkin gif

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OMG so cute!

Awesome sauce:

Still adorable one year later!

oh that is so cute!!!!

I wonder if it thinks of the pumpkin as a ball?

i was wondering the same thing.

what an enthusiastic panda!!  and he moves like a break-dancing ninja!

Yeah, those little red pandas are very good at the ninja moves!

red panda pumpkin snow gif Imgur

Entire album:

firefox fight club snow gif Rawr red panda Imgur

red panda vs japanese girl gif Imgur

upset red panda flips over gif eating out of food bowl Imgur

Awesome sauce for the second one: can help you find the nearest zoo with a red panda.

Baby red panda taking a stroll has so much swag!

Baby Red Panda Taking A Stroll gif SWAG YOLO CUTE Imgur


they see me strollin'

Is he riding dirty or is he white and nerdy?

He's riding dirty ...because he's a red panda!!

Dirty because red or dirty because panda?

Dirty Panda would make a great rock band name.  :)

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