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Prepare Your Inbox meme, gif

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/fit/'s pickup lines v1.3 : 

For those who cannot access the image, or too lazy to circle their eyes or something:

  1. ay bby i put the STD in stud all i need is U
  2. want to be my ate? you'll get the D later
  3. ey gurl, is ur father retarded? cause ur special
  4. u a cemetary, girl? cos I'm dead inside and need to bury myself in u
  5. yo gurl, ever had yo belly button tickled from da inside?
  6. do you like fitness? how bout fitness dick in your mouth
  7. do you work at subway because you give me a footlong
  8. i would berry my dick so deep inside you whoever pulls me out would be crowned king arthur
  9. gurl that dress looks good on you. then again, so would i
  10. b-back that ass up
  11. how do u like ur eggs in the morning gurl? fertilized?
  12. ayo gurl, they call me snowstorm, cos i can give you a few inches and really inconvenience your evening
  13. is there a keg in your pants because i want to tap that ass
  14. ay gurl r u a beaver? cuz dam
  15. plz respond
  17. do you like tapes and cd's? cuz ima tape my dick to your forehead so you CD's nuts
  18. if i could rearrange the alphabet i would put the D in U
  19. girl, you been to ireland? because every time i see you my penis is dublin
  20. hey my dick just died... can i bury it in ur ass?
  21. are you an archaeologist? because ive got a very large bone for you to examine
  22. ayo babe, you from iraq? cuz i think you should baghdad ass up, gurrrl
  23. Ay girl you should see hot dogs cuz u already know how to make a weiner stand
  24. i want to cover you in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado
  25. are you a chicken farmer? cuz you sure know how to raise a cock
  27. are there 21 letters in the alphabet? oh right, i forgot u r a q t
  28. I'll give you my vitamin D if you give me your fish oil
  29. i'd rate u a 9/10 but it's lucky we met, cuz i'm the 1 u need
  30. wow, r u a parking ticket, cos u got fine written all over u
  31. you know your ABCs girl? cuz i'm about to give you the fourth letter of the alphabet
  32. yo girl, you got any irish in you? want some?
  33. damn, i wish you was my big toe, so i could bang you on my coffee table
  34. gurl u must be gasoline, cuz even tho u expensive i'd still pump u in my van
  35. Girl you must be Stage 3 Neurosyphillis because i can't get you out of my mind
  36. All you need to make a smile is a colon and a D :D
  37. do u have pet insurance? cuz i'm about to destroy ur pussy
  38. do you like dragons? cuz in 3 seconds ill be dragon my nuts across your face
  39. yo girl, you like Wendys? cos you gon love it Wendys nuts slap your face
  40. ay gurl u a carpenter? cuz i got some hardwood that needs sanding
  41. girl, i'd love to kiss just once on the lips then maybe i'd move up to your waist
  42. are you an antiquer? because i have some junk that hasn't been touched in years

Teenager pickup line humor.

I suppose those are preferable to this:

prepare your inbox gif hot dogs girl face Imgur

Literally lol.

There are lots of "prepare your inbox" gifs, too.

Example is Katee Owen Abella Anderson:

prepare your inbox gif hot babe Abella Anderson not Katee Owen sexy bikini meme email funny Reddit Imgur

Thank you matt01ss for making this gif:

Beyonce Im still anxious gif Imgur prepare your inbox

Understandable, Beyonce.

Live shot of the inbox:

prepare your inbox gif Imgur

Prepare your inbox.

prepare your inbox gif Andy Samberg creep creepy creeper creeping Imgur

High quality version of this gif:

prepare your inbox gif topless pretty girl on beach many balls thrown Imgur just throw the ball upvote gif

Imgur comments:

woman hot dog gif workaholics eastbound and down imgur

that means two things gif family guy imgur

oh god yes yes yes gif Imgur analqueen hot babe

prepare your inbox meme Imgur

tori black hot nymphomaniac gif imgur

Thank you StickleyMan for making this gif.

hot babe yes gif imgur

hot babe yes gif imgur

tori black hot nymphomaniac gif no masturbating Imgur

tori black hot nymphomaniac gif no masturbating we are forbidden here to get turned on Imgur

hot Asian babe crying gif Imgur reaction to imgur sob stories

Such /r/shibe wow.

shibe 4chan meme shiba inu halloween autumn  Imgur

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