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FBI Profiler Jim Clemente Talks Serial Killers, Deception And Danger

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Interview with FBI profiler Jim Clemente. He explains lie detection, undercover work, serial murder and what you must never do in a dangerous situation.

If somebody tries to move you to a secondary location, fight for your life that instant. Fight, kick, scream, yell, do everything you can. Do not ever let anybody move you. Your chances of surviving that encounter go down about 95%, if you let them take you somewhere else.

Wow, that is heavy!

That would not be my instinct, but he's the expert, so I'm going to listen to him!

I also like his philosophy of what makes us who we are:

It’s a mix of bio, psycho, and social. The biology is your genetics, what you’re born with. Your psychology and your personality, you have a certain amount of it when you’re born, but you actually participate in the development of that, throughout your entire life. And, then there are the events that happen in your life, your socialization. So, the way I like to say it is: your genetics load the gun, your personality aims it, and the events in your life pull the trigger.

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Well, I'd argue our environment does a whole lot more than simply giving us a stage, or series of events, by which to act out our inherited biases and nurtured personality dramas--or pull the trigger--it also turns off and on our inherited genetic potentials.  

Our physiological levels of genetic expression happen well below our unconscious and conscious psychological activities, e.g personality nurturing, and our interpretive reactions to events.  Even biological twins reared apart (apologies for not having a link to the reference here) in differing environments showed up as different genetically expressed people.  We can then presume we will not only aim differently, regardless whatever common events in our lives make us all want to pull the trigger, but also probably be differently armed and disposed to pull the trigger.  So maybe:

Our environment determines what type of gun our genetics can hold, and whether or not we recognize bullets from blanks ...and can get them

Our genetics loads the gun (if blanks or bullets are available)

Our personality aims it (unloaded and loaded) 

Our perspective on events encourages us to pull the trigger and get "click click click "or "bang bang" with, or without, deadly results ("encourages" vs causes because I'm not a believer in strict determinism and find there is still free choice, however limited in range, under stress and duress)

Sometimes it's hard to remember that our thoughts are things... perhaps like shooting blanks.  Imagine if instead of shooting blanks at trigger events we fully loaded and always fired out what we only dare think about... I'd wager our environments (intentionally created and otherwise) play a large part of that determination and are perhaps more responsible for our range of conditional behavior than we'd like to give credit.

Everything appears permitted in this life, thankfully some things are frowned upon...

How to tell if someone is lying:

The actual key to telling whether somebody’s lying or not is a change in behavior, not a specific behavior. The more you can norm a person, get to know what they’re like when they’re relaxed, and then when you ask them difficult questions, that is when you’ll see behavioral changes and that should tell you that they’re under stress, most likely because they’re trying to deceive you. So, that’s a very practical thing that anybody can do. You do it already in your life. It’s just applying it to people you know less well.

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Interesting post, especially considering the fact that now in pop culture the top-rated TV show is focused on an FBI Profiler, with our favorite supercilious supporting actor, James Spader, mysteriously leading a sexy Megan Boone to catch master criminals as protagonist, all on NBC.  Who knew network TV could get back in the game.

It's called "Blacklist"...


Might be interesting to see if any of Jim Clemente's insights actually show up in the show.

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