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10 rules to drink by: Good etiquette in any bar - SFGate

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Bar etiquette by Gaz Regan.

  1. Look around the bar to get a feel of the place
  2. Don't whistle or snap your fingers at a bartender.
  3. Let her know you are ready for her when she has a moment.
  4. When ordering multiple drinks start with cocktails, followed by wine, followed by beer.
  5. Be specific about your drink order to save time on follow-up questions.
  6. 20% tips
  7. Ask the bartender to scout out someone you are considering buying a drink.
  8. Don't argue with the bartender.

Also, if you're going to order a martini, be specific:

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to learn a little bar-speak, but if you order a simple martini, that's merely a way of opening up a question and answer routine. On the other hand, if you order, "A dry Hopewell's gin martini, not too dry, though, and put a dash of orange bitters in there if you have them. Straight up. No garnish," you're leaving the bartender no doubt that she's dealing with someone who knows what he's talking about. You just made a really good impression.

If this was a pop quiz, I would have completely failed this test. In flying pink umbrellas.

Didnt know number 4. number 8 should be dont argue with anyone at a bar because everyone is drunk. Rule 11 dont be a dick

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