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32 of the Most Popular Toys From the Last 145 Years

32 of the Most Popular Toys From the Last 145 Years Wired Design Wired com


He-Man started out as a line of action figures to accompany the feature film Conan, but manufacturer Mattel didn’t think Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character was a suitable role model for young children—how right they were. The toy line was considered a bit of a risk at the time since boys weren’t known to play with dolls, but in 1985 the line earned over $400 million dollars, out-earning even Barbie.

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Haha, what is good in life, Conan? "My line of action figures."

Not sure I agree at all.   Labyrinth marble box?  Electric slot racers?  Mr. Potato head?  All-in-one electronic set?  Erector sets?   Sllinky?  Twister?  Etch-a-sketch?  Frisbee?  Barbie?  Crayons?  Hula Hoop?  Silly Putty?  Skateboards?  Yo-yo? 

Okay, so I do see a slinky and a yo-yo there, but stilll

I could go on....

You have a good memory for good toys, Greg. :)

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