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Lady Gaga is not amused

@TaraSavelo honestly whats wrong with you
6:08 AM Jun 12 2012

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In response to a tweet by @TaraSavelo:

 @ladygaga Busy tonight, doing what i love the most.


Holy fuck. That dildo isn't for amateurs!

Tara and Gaga go way back:

Gaga is totally ok.BTWB is very physically challenging+she went extra hard+puked-just means she had a great show!don't worry-no puke on me

Well, I'm glad she cleared that up.

What about Gaga's "trout pout"?


I will admit to scrolling through the twitpics of gaga as well after this...although this is the post that makes me wonder who Lucas Meadows is....................#seriously =p

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