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Why Hollywood Is Caught in the Blockbuster Trap

Why Hollywood Is Caught in the Blockbuster Trap Vulture


Hollywood is investing more and more every year in A-list-star-driven films, superhero movies, and other expensive concepts — a phenomenon I have dubbed the “blockbuster trap.” And yes, every year some of those big bets fail miserably at the box office. But the truth of the matter is that there’s generally a clear reason why studio heads do what they do — they are, in fact, very focused on reducing risk — and their blockbuster-focused strategy is sound. As tempting as it is to overreact to this summer’s megaflops, a closer look at what is really going on suggests that Hollywood would be in much bigger trouble if its executives consistently walked away from making such large bets. 

And so the future will bring more familiar names to our theaters: The summer of 2015, for instance, promises to be a battle betweenThe Avengers sequel, Ben Affleck’s Batman Versus Superman, Independence Day 2Jurassic Park 4Star Wars VII, and Terminator 5.

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The gaming business falls under similar pressures. That's why there will be a GTA VI.

GTA is a bad example, it comes out about once every 2 years with a new title and anew generation III/IV/V about once a decade. However you are correct about the theme,that's true; EA, Treyarch, activision, and the like have an urge to push a new title every year.  They want it so bad that they contractually obligated themselves to do so. it's disappointing to be bound to a fiscal calendar for profits when you are a programmer and designer.

Yeah, that pressure to ship vast new products annually seems very unnatural.

i'd say it can't be good for an artist's creativity.

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