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Tom Brady Gets Left Hanging

Tom Brady high five left hanging gif BRO Imgur

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"Misleading title on this page," says a disappointed Saints fan.

I'm not sure if Edelman is dissing Brady or just not paying attention. Either way, hilarity!

Julian Edelman leaves Tom Brady hanging gif high five bro

Tom Brady is like Oregon Ducks fans. Left hanging:

high five left hanging gif Imgur hot newscaster babes

Blount with the hookup!

Tom Brady happy face high five gif Blount Patriots Steelers 11-4-2013

Dat Tom Brady high five face!

Tom Brady Happy Face High Five meme

Another week and Tom is left hanging again.

Tom Brady Left hanging again vs Ravens gif Imgur

Imgur link for the above gif:

tom brady eyebrows smile gif imgur

Gronk head butt Tom Brady is insane gif imgur tumblr

Guy left hanging trying to high five Matthew Mcconaughey at the Golden Globes: Matthew McConaughey high five left hanging gif Golden Globes 2014 Imgur