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19 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented by Women

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Word to the Admiral, but I don't think you can really say computers were invented by Grace Hopper. Lotta other cool things were thought up by women tho!

You CAN say that programming languages were invented by Grace Hopper.

And without programming languages where would we be?

THE CIRCULAR SAW is hella cool:

A weaver named Tabitha Babbitt was the first to suggest that lumber workers use a circular saw instead of the two-man pit saw that only cut when pulled forward. She made a prototype and attached it to her spinning wheel in 1813. Babbitt's Shaker community didn't approve of filing a patent, but they took full advantage of the invention.

The paper bag was only invented 150 years ago?!

America got a brand new paper bag when cotton mill worker Margaret Knight invented a machine to make them with a flat square bottom in 1868. (Paper bags originally looked more like envelopes.) A man named Charles Annan saw her design and tried to patent the idea first. Knight filed a lawsuit and won the patent fair and square in 1871.

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