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How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

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I bought that music and I want to listen to it on my phone!

Apple makes its so hard to protect its music being copied to somewhere else. So it is nearly impossible to transfer itunes music to other device. Now you can use TunesGo, a music library migration tool to move itunes library to android. I found this tutorial a few days ago and it worked great for music transfer: how to transfer itunes music to android

You'll probably need to know how to turn on USB Mass Storage Mode:

This did not work for me. The next step to try involved rooting my phone (voiding the warranty), installing BusyBox, installing a Mass Storage Mode enabler written by god knows who, and then transferring the music. The alternative was just paying $4.99 for DoubleTwist AirSync.

HOWEVER it turns out that some of my iTunes music is in an older format which won't sync any more. The fix to this seems to be upgrading iTunes, getting an iCloud account, paying $24.99 for an iTunes Match account, deleting every affected song manually, downloading them to my iTunes player, and then using DoubleTwist AirSync to send them to my phone.

This is what happens when you let yourself be seduced by vendor lock-in. No matter how convenient a technology is, you pay a debt sooner or later.

I usually use iphone backup extractor to extract music from iTunes to computer and then go next:

I used Coolmuster to help export iTunes music to iPhone device and it can help export export iTunes music to computer safely.Like this :

Just use the TunesGo. It would help you do that. This tool can transfer music, playlist, videos between iOS, Android and iTunes. And you can also have a look at this guide: how to transfer music from iTunes to Android.

To transfer music from iTunes to android phone, we can use a mobile phone transfer app to help. I happen to know one, more info:

Here's another alternative: Phone Transfer, which supports most mobile operating system like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

I think some professional data or

 Phone transfer    tool can help you transfer data between iphone and android phone.

Have a look at this guide,

Samsung Transfer tool is a effectively phone transfer software, which supports not only transfer data like contacts, text messages, media files, photos and more from phone to phone.

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