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Why is @brainpicker so into the color yellow?

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@DeepNishar sent me via LinkedIn Kim Bhasin's list of smart Twitter people.

Thanks to the list I'm now following Maria Popova (pictured above), editor of

Popova is a self-described "interestingness hunter-gatherer and curious mind at large," and she loves sharing random, interesting facts about creativity.

She loves the color yellow, too. She loves this Fab yellow bird sculpture:


She loves yellow legos, especially by artist Nathan Sawaya:


She has a yellow smartphone case:


In fact, she has yellow everything:


I'm obsessed with her obsession with yellow.

See the other 53 smart people on Twitter to follow...

And now I've made a Maria Popova stash:

That's all well and good, but they did forget one VERY important person:


Is that parislemon? He seems into yellow, too.

Though that picture looks a tad... Derpy. Oooo, yellow tennis ball!


25 Twitter accounts that will make you smarter:

The world's brightest website:

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