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Real-Time Venture Capital Investing: Chi-Hua Chien's Data-Based Approach - Forbes

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Chi Hua Chien likes to text and IM his startups 4-5 times a day:

What technical tools has Kleiner Perkins built internally to help you manage investing?

We built our own software (called Dragnet) internally (about 18 to 24 months ago) that ingests things like App Store data, Google GOOG -1.03% Play, AngelList, Twitter @mentions. It started as a side project I had. My brother who runs a software company–we started hacking on it. Then (Kleiner partner) Ray Bradford really built it into a product. The responsiveness is awesome. We can spot companies that are going to do venture financings before we hear about it from the referral network, which used to be how you would source most of these opportunities.

Is this you responding to the way technology has changed?

Honestly that’s how my generation of investors are trained. What’s happened with the App Store and Facebook platform launched – the two most important platforms of the last 7 years or 6 years – 2007 for Facebook platform and 2008 for the App Store – is the information is all in our pockets. Every one of us can go look at the top charts. You can see what’s doing well what’s not doing well. Facebook introduced this idea of being able to see every single application’s daily active users. So our generation of entrepreneurs and investors are trained on data.

Your companies give you real time access to their data?

For most of the companies I work with, I have access to all of their daily performance numbers. So it’s not like I show up at a board meeting every 4 to 6 weeks and they show a Powerpoint and say here’s what happened in the past 4 to 6 weeks. Instead I’ve got access to all of their daily performance information.

We’re talking on a daily basis, and sometimes – Dave (Morin, CEO of Path), Bo (Fishback, CEO of Zaarly) and I probably talk 4 to 5 times a day. Text message, IM, phone, or in person.

So you can immediately help?

You are fully in context at all times.

"4 to 5 times a day" is a really strange expression.

Also in that article Chi Hua mentions his superpower: "And me specifically I’m a data geek. We talk about what’s your super power you bring to company – Analytics is what I focus on."

I wonder where Chi Hua is going after Kleiner Perkins.

And I wonder if Megan Quinn is staying at Kleiner post-reorg, too.

Real Time Venture Capital Investing Chi Hua Chien s Data Based Approach Forbes

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