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America Has Three Psychological Regions

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The paper, which was recently published the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, looked at 1.5 million responses gathered from five different online surveys and assessed respondents across five key personality traits: Openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

They then clustered the traits together to see which areas have the highest — and lowest — populations with these traits.

Three distinct regions emerged: the "Friendly and Conventional" states in the Midwest and South, "Related and Creative" states mainly on the West Coast, and the "Temperamental and uninhibited" states on the East Coast and in Texas.

Check out where your state falls (at link above) and see a more in-depth analysis of your region in the paper "Divided We Stand: Three Psychological Regions of the United States and Their Political, Economic, Social and Health Correlates."

If "friendly and conventional" == conservative, and "related and creative" == liberal, then what is "temperamental and uninhibited"?

I don't know but they sound like a fun group!  :-)  Perhaps they are unfettered by an ideology.

Northeasterners and Texans?? They definitely have ideology.

They're neurotic.

  1. The Temperamental and Uninhibited Region is the deep orange area that covers the Northeast, New England and Middle Atlantic states. There are also lighter concentrations in the contiguous areas of Ohio and Indiana, as well as Texas. This region's psychological profile is defined by very high levels neuroticism (hence the temperamental moniker), moderately high levels of openness, low levels of extroversion (or high levels of introversion) and very low levels of agreeableness and conscientiousness. This constellation of personality traits depict a type of person that is "reserved, aloof, impulsive, irritable, and inquisitive," while also being "passionate, competitive, and liberal." This region is highly educated and affluent, with high levels of ethnic and cultural diversity and a liberal political orientation.

Cool!  Now I know where to go to be as relaxed and creative as I'd like to be...looks good!

As if there were any doubt that west coast is where the relaxed and creative types are.

SNL is still awesome!  I guess there's still one type of creativity that is still east coast born and bred: not mean-spirited insult comedy!

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