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"Branch aspires to be a simplified, successful Google Wave..." ~@gigaom

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Google Wave?! AYFKM?!

Ryan Kim writes:

Miller said he isn’t trying to court any one use case. He’s hoping that users will find all kinds of different applications for Branch, whether it’s for internal corporate communications, sponsored forums, brain storming or as just a casual hangout area for friends.

But Branch also faces competition on various fronts. Commenting services, IM providers, blogging platforms, email threads, enterprise social services, group messaging start-ups or even Twitter and Storify also compete on some levels with the vision Branch is trying to promote. The challenge is for Branch to carve out enough use cases amid all those existing services while still projecting a coherent identity. But that, Miller admits, could be Branch’s weakness too if it can’t find one killer application.

“That’s my biggest worry. It could be amazing for a lot of things but not great for one,” said Miller. “But that’s our biggest opportunity too, with how many use cases there are.”

What is this, the opposite of lean startup?

Pick a use case! Any use case! Please!!

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