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Netflix Hits Its Numbers, Investors Go Nuts, Reed Hastings Tells Them to Chill Out - Peter Kafka

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But at the same time, Netflix also argues that most people spend most of their time on the service watching stuff that isn’t made specifically for Netflix.

Specifically, Netflix calls out shows like “Breaking Bad”, and “The Walking Dead”, where it offers exclusive access to re-runs; it says those kind of shows generate “a bigger percentage of overall Netflix viewing”. Which makes sense, because my hunch is Netflix spends more on those kind of shows (for now) than it does on its originals.

Weird that Breaking Bad and Walking Dead would offer Netflix exclusivity, since Amazon streaming is on the rise.

Weird and interesting.

Meanwhile, Orange is the New Black is Netflix's most watched original program:

They could make more money if they made the content available on iTunes and Amazon, no?

Does exclusivity really benefit Netflix that much?


No one listened to Reed Hastings.

They must still be giddy from GOOG hitting 1000 last week. And FB staying above 50.

Revenue: $1.11 billion, up 22%, a narrow beat on the topline.

EPS: 52 cents, a big beat on the bottom line.

Subscriber adds: 1.29 million in the U.S., up 11%; 1.44 million foreign. That's a massive beat in new customers.

It's basically a huge validation of CEO Reed Hastings' business model. The shows — House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black — are top-notch. Games won an Emmy. He's got more subscribers than HBO. The company is a real threat to the cable model. And now these numbers indicate Netflix is growing even faster than Wall Street thought it was.

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