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Maker of Animated GIFs Waits for Offbeat Moments

Maker of Animated GIFs Waits for Offbeat Moments NYTimes com


Burke, 35, is known among sports journalists for his ability to capture the moment — whether as a still, a video clip or in his favored format, a GIF — better, faster, more frequently and from more sports events than just about anyone. How he does it is a matter of wonder.

He works from home here, in what his colleagues call the “Burke-puter,” for its seamless integration of man and machine. It is less an office than an organism: a flashing, beeping, glowing, thrumming assault of screens, wires, remotes, tuners, phones, receivers, computers and general electronic effluvia wrapped around a person (“the monitor situation up there is insane,” said Burke’s wife, Lynn Hurtak.). Burke sits here alone in the dark day after day, for about 100 hours a week, watching dozens of sports events simultaneously.

“My job is to know at all times what’s happening in every game,” Burke said in a recent interview in the Burke-puter.

Some of his 10 functioning monitors are programmed to split into eight or more miniscreens, and he can record from 28 sources at once. 

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