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Happy or sad? You might not see that ad, if Microsoft Kinect can figure out your mood

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Wow. Fascinating. Terrifying. Wow.

If Kinect has this facility now, how long before all smartphones have it?

Within a decade, right?

Smartphones will likely be far far more powerful in this regard. With us all the time, perhaps able to combine skin conductance data when you grab it, body temperature, movement/pedometer, "was that movement jerky and stressful?", perhaps heart rate and blood pressure, analyzing your tone of voice or the language choices/error rate you make with text and email and on and on, all tied into a proprietary algorithm cross indexed against the data set of your prior states and the resulting events vs a big data set of how others of your height/weight/age/etc behave...

Your phone will often know you better than you do.

At what point does a smartphone cease to be a phone?

It seems like a device in my pocket that's paying attention to every breath I take and every move I make is something else entirely.

Now I just have to figure out who to trust more to know everything about me: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Amazon.

Any other contenders for being my lifetime electronic companion?

I have already seen digital signage recognize people (via Avnet)...

@Adam, I would cut FB and Apple from that list pretty quickly...Amazon and Google may be the first to go from internet company to carrier.

I believe both Amazon and Google are ready and willing to become carriers.

And I agree, it's unclear that's the kind of thing Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft would be eager to do.

But Amazon is about eliminating gatekeepers and Google has already been buying up dark fiber.

Personally I just wish iTunes could tell my mood and play an appropriate song.

Seriously, I do not need Danzig coming on at 2 am when I accidentally hit shuffle.

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