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There are more possible iterations of a game of chess than there are atoms in the known universe.

Above fact from Redditor abbazabbbbbbba.

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Already a site designed to surface interesting stuff, Reddit took it to the next level with a recent thread specifically asking for the most interesting/weird facts that people know.

Here are some of my favorites from that thread...

Honey does not spoil. You could feasibly eat 3000 year old honey. — Bluecheezeplatter 


To know when to mate, a male giraffe will continuously headbutt the female in the bladder until she urinates. The male then tastes the pee and that helps it determine whether the female is ovulating. — Sir_Ostrich 


It can take a photon 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface, but only 8 minutes to travel the rest of the way to earth. — Bkaps 


A small percentage of the static you see on "dead" tv stations is left over radiation from the Big Bang. You're seeing residual effects of the Universe's creation. — FanInTheCorner  


Written language was invented independently by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Chinese, and Mayans. — NumberMuncher  


Basically anything that melts can be made into glass. You just have to cool off a molten material before its molecules have time to realign into what they were before being melted. — cowboy-up 


The Spanish national anthem has no words. — ricick 

spanish flag

Cleopatra lived closer in time to the Moon landing than to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. — StickleyMan 


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