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Using Social Media to Promote Awareness for a Good Cause - HootSuite Social Media Management

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t’s hard for people living in cities or detached from global issues to understand the profoundness of the wilderness that Pacific Wild is trying to protect against industrial development. Even the team is constantly blown away by how remote and precious this diverse place is. But every time they have a moment of appreciation for this place simply existing, they share it with the world.

From beautiful Instagram videos of Spirit bear cubs playing, to Facebook and Twitter updates on environmental news for the region, Pacific Wild turns to social media to share their region’s story. Luckily for them, the Canadian wilderness is globally recognized by supporters around the world – including Germans and Italians to the point that their stories are translated.

“One of the strengths of our team and organization is that we’re patient and skilled. I’m lucky to work with people that have an incredible eye and are patient enough to sit out in the rain and cold for days on end to capture rare moments with wildlife through video or photography. This rich media is appreciated so much by our followers and supporters online, and we can see that by tracking analytics.”

Didn't know wolves ate salmon!  Thank you, Pacific Wild, for being smart with your remote camera setups.

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