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The best Internet dance party

best Internet dance party gif TGIF Imgur

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Dancing on Bacon. Does life get any better than that?

nathan fillion dancing gif Imgur

Origin of the bacon dancing gif is here:

It started with just Chandler Bing dancing:

Chandler Bing dancing on bacon gif Imgur

Then Supernatural Dean got added:

Chandler Bing and Supernatural Dean dancing on bacon gif Imgur

Then Carlton joined the dance party:

Chandler Dean Carlton dancing bacon gif Imgur

...and little by little the party grew.

bacon dance party gif Imgur

Things quickly spiraled out of control. I think this is the version with the most dancing on it:

Troy and Abed dancing on bacon with friends gif Imgur

Note the addition of Troy so that Abed is not lonely.

its so beautiful gif adventure time jake Imgur

So beautiful. :)

So many dance gifs, so little time!

ninth doctor who dancing gif Imgur

morris day and the time dancing the bird gif Imgur

elaine dancing gif Seinfeld Imgur

jay and silent bob dancing gif Imgur

Oh, all right. Have one more.

TGIF Friday Dance Party gif ultimate best bacon dancing Imgur

Thank you napsmear for adding your touch to this.

oh look a pony your day is ruined meme my little pony

Feel free to take these gifs.

lindsay lohan stealing gif Imgur

owls are sneaky gif stomp stahp Imgur

colbert upvote gif reddit Imgur

is she stealing the microphone??

She is! I wonder what the context for that is.

being charged for shoplifting, no doubt.  look at that klepto in action!  she can't stop herself!!!

And we can't stop watching her be unable to stop herself!

I think we should revisit this page every Friday. It's so much fun!!

i agree!

Alright then same time next Friday!

So many great dancing gifs made by ChemicalOle:

  • EDIT: It's a party... EVERYBODY DANCE!

Found here:

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