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Nests of Big-Clawed Dinosaurs Found in Mongolia | LiveScience

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"Therizinosaurs, which lived about 70 million years ago, sported huge, round guts; stumpy legs; a long neck; and a turtlelike head and beak.

Despite being members of the carnivorous group known as theropods — which includes the deadly king of the predators Tyrannosaurus rex— the waddling dinosaurs were herbivores. They also had enormous Edward Scissorhands-like, three-digit claws that may have been used to grasp branches and scrape up plant material, similar to the way bamboo-eating pandas do today."

There has got to be some kind of award for a true story that triangulates pandas, Johnny Depp, and dinosaurs.

Edward Pandahands the Dinosaur Pirate?

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