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The Top 13 Highest Paid DJ's of 2013

Avicii Top 13 Highest Paid DJ s of 2013


6. Avicii’s Net Worth $20 million

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Avicii is worth how much?!

Why did Skrillex drop from #2 to #9 from 2012 to 2013?

A lot of other DJs have broken through to the mainstream in the last year. Wow!

Wow! Skrillex is worth more than he was last year but hes much further down the list.

1) Calvin Harris - $46 million!

I'm not sure I know any of Calvin Harris' work. Got a YouTube video you recommend?

Also, wtf is this?

DJ Pauly D’s Net Worth $13 million

DJ Pauly D Net Worth 2012

Excuse me? "DJ Pauly D"?!


GTL DJ Pauly D?  No.

Here's Calvin:

I like it so I looked for some more. I enjoyed "Feel So Close":

And "I Need Your Love" featuring Ellie Goulding:

And "Bounce" featuring Kelis:

As a electronic music fan - I only like 2 of these dj - Deadmau5 and Guetta. There so many better djs, Jack Sparrow, for example, his tracks have soul! Others I love -Justin Martin, Tube & Berger, Scuba, Eatsevertything, Durtysoxx - those DJs you can get down to.

Thank you for the tips, Natasha!

Ever heard of Girl Talk?

Thank you, Natasha!


Is Daft Punk not considered DJs anymore? I feel like they would be worth more than at least Pauly D.