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Cthulhu Lego!

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Cyriaque Lamar writes:

Here are a dozen scenes inspired by the Cthulhu mythos. Unfathomable extraterrestrial gods are downright adorable when they're made of wee Danish building blocks. %JUMP:More »% And if your taste for science fiction dioramas has yet to be sated after all this, here are some extraordinarily gonzo ones.

WANT. Too bad these are not available for sale.


I had no idea there were so many Lego sets with TENTACLES.

There really aren't. These were hand-made by "several intrepid builders".


this was just recently uploaded

Flickr doesn't get along with Pandawhale

We've had our struggles with Flickr.

The green makes Cthulhu look too pretty.

I like him to be more threatening... and angry...


hahaha jar jar binks heads around the tongue!

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