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"Don't use MongoDB"

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Does anybody know who I/we is in this post?

I can't figure out if it was written by somebody unwilling to put their name to it, or if it has lost attribution through being cut and pasted.

I asked the same when I read this yesterday. Based on the fails and interaction with support, I'm sure mongo folks know who it is. Compelling.

Not to be totally flippant here, but according to the bugs they are describing, Zynga must be using them! ;-)

I think the response from the 10gen CTO was pretty spot on – acknowledging issues, but also asking for specific references to issues – none of which were provided in the paste.

I have a whole lot of trouble believing any tech criticism that doesn't have a verifiable source behind it. Way, way too easy to troll.

That is a good reply.

It has a ring of truth to it, but you have to give anonymous advice even less weight than you'd give general advice from a stranger on the internet.

I appreciated that the tone was generally not hysterical. I suspect the author was an Ops Boy :)

Don't know who the author is, but I've heard some Ops folks tell some stories about losing data in mongo, too, across multiple different deployments.

Any good links on the Web you can find to corroborate this?

Not online, nope.

One more thing about this: the person who first posted it on HN is now claiming in the comments that it was a troll. I don't know how easy it is to pretend to be another user on HN, and much of the stuff in the paste addressed real issues with MongoDB (most solved by now, some not AFAIK), but… there it is.

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